Ultimate Athlete
Fundraising Program For Youth Athletics
Ultimate Athlete is a non-profit program designed to support and promote youth athletics.

We can help:

o Sports teams raising money for travel, equipment and other expenses.

o Business sponsors multiply the funds they plan to donate.

o Assemble events that promote the team and sponsors.

o Produce video promotions for your fundraising efforts.

o You save time and money.

Our mission is to support new and existing fundraising efforts, please let us help you this season.

What is Ultimate Athlete?

Ultimate Athlete is a Trading Card Game that features your team members and coaches on the cards.

The Trading Cards can incorporate coupons to many great places in your area.

You have the option of adding paid sponsors to the cards to increase your fundraising results.

Free Service: There are no setup charges and no minimum order quantity.

No risk: The Trading Card Games are provided to your team on consignment, production costs are paid from your sales.

Let us help you Today...
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